Raspberry Pi

The Raspberry Pi is a small but full-featured computer on a single board. It plugs into a monitor and you attach a keyboard, mouse and speakers. The Raspberry Pi can be used for browsing the web, creating documents and spreadsheets, playing games, watching videos and lots more.It also provides a great environment for learning programming and digital making.

You can also connect up hardware to the Pi’s GPIO (general purpose input/output) pins and learn to program using electronics components.The Raspberry Pi can also be built into custom projects such as interactive museum exhibits or home automation solutions.


  • Hardware setup
  • Software configuring
  • Internet connectivity and streaming internet
  • Using Linux command
  • Updating software
  • Connecting LEDs
  • Connecting buttons
  • Using SOS buzzer
  • Temperature sensor
  • LDR
  • Motors
  • Basic programing in python
  • Hello world
  • Controlling GPIO pins
  • Led blink
  • User input
  • IR sensor
  • Temperature sensor
  • LDR
  • Controlling motor
  • Pi camera
  • Play music
  • Remote login
  • Desktop sharing
  • Boot options
  • Partition management
  • Display options
  • Boot options
  • Simple game