Internet of Things

IoT is an advanced automation and analytics system which deals with artificial intelligence, sensor, networking, electronic, cloud messaging etc. to deliver complete systems for the product or services. The system created by IoT has greater transparency, control, and performance. In a nutshell, IoT is a concept that connects all the devices to the internet and let them communicate with each other over the internet.

IoT is a giant network of connected devices – all of which gather and share data about how they are used and the environments in which they are operated.By doing so, each of your devices will be learning from the experience of other devices, as humans do. IoT is trying to expand the interdependence in human- i.e interact, contribute and collaborate to things.


  • What is IOT?
  • Business aspect of IoT
  • History and Future of IoT with Mankind
  • System Architecture
  • Description of proposed architecture
  • Gateway hardware and sensors block
  • Introduction to Open Source Hardware
  • Programming with Arduino
  • Interfacing with multiple hardware
  • Parallel and Serial Communication
  • Non IP IoT
  • Different IoT protocol
  • What is Sensor?
  • Different types of sensors
  • Connection with Gateways
  • What is Esp8266?
  • Working on AT commands
  • Connecting Esp8266 with Arduino
  • Sending and receiving commands using serial monitor
  • Connecting Esp8266 with Internet
  • Sending Data using esp8266 to Thing Speak
  • Sending Data using esp8266 to BLYNK Server
  • Controlling actuators connected using Internet with android app
  • Project
    • Generating Different Patterns on LED with your Arduino
    • Visitor Counter Using IR sensor
    • Measuring light intensity using LDR
    • Smart light controlling system
    • Home automation and control with mobile app
    • Home automation using local web server
    • Weather forecast using Thingspeak
    • Twitter notification of temperature and humidity